Foil Facts

Temperature Range- Foil is not affected by extremities of temperature so is ideal for use in the food process. Foil can withstand both high temperatures & freezing temperatures with no risk of damage to the container by fracture or splitting. There is no risk of melting, burning or discolouration.


Barrier Properties-Foil containers put an impermeable metal wall around their contents, preventing them from losing or picking up moisture, odour or flavour and avoiding food degradation from ultra violet light.


Hygiene-Foil containers are inert and do not support micro- organisms. Foil does not pass on any odours, colours or tastes to any product contained in it.


Strength-Once pressed, aluminium foil retains its shape. The folds and corners in the container give it great strength and make it extremely suitable for use on high speed lines without damage or loss of shape. Foil is light weight for its strength in comparison to other materials. Foil containers are made to suit specific needs by choice of alloy, temper and gauge, as well as form and rim style. Folds, wrinkles and embossing provide extra rigidity where required.


Versatility- Foil containers are available in many hundreds of shapes and sizes. The same container can be used for baking, blast –freezing, storing, and distribution. The can be used in convection and fan assisted ovens and also in microwave ovens


Lids and Closures-are available in either poly board foil laminate board or foil hoods pending on the requirement. Smooth Wall foils are heat sealable, offering the added facility of peel off lids and long ambient storage life.


Easy Handling-Foil containers provide the means of carrying food products through all stages of manufacturing and distribution without removal from the package. Their high conductivity speeds processing- which ensures the quality of baked and frozen food is maintained. Foil containers are formed from a light weight metal only thousandths of an inch thick, so weight is never a problem in handling and transit.


Convenience-Foil containers give consumers, processors and caterers a strong, light package that serves as a cooking utensil, deep freeze container and serving dish.


Sales Appeal- Foil containers have a gleaming surface which stays clear and bright throughout their cycle of use.


Environmentally Friendly- Aluminium is infinitely recyclable, saving energy and the earth’s resources.

Aluminium Foil & Microwaves