Board Products

Stewart Foil manufactures a wide range of lids, base boards and dividers.

We offer our board products in both Standard & Heavy Poly Board

One Sided Foil & Double Sided Foil Board

PET Board


Our comprehensive range of Foil Containers, Lids, Baseboards & Board Dividers has been designed with consideration for our Customers and the Environment.

They offer a convenient cost effective method of packaging for a wide variety of food types.

All of our foil & board products are produced to the highest standards & conform to all European & FDA regulations.


Our range of Dividers for Foil Containers can be manufactured using  Double or Single Sided Foil Board or Poly Board pending on the application or level of cooking time required. Dividers can be designed to compartment the tray in both diagonal & oblong style to deliver many options of presentation and greatly enhanced aesthetics.  We can produce bespoke hand cut samples on request.


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